Training Employees on the Basics of Store Credit Applications

Working in retail is often more then what meets the eye. Many people walk into the store to shop and only see the cashier waiting to ring them up behind the register. The store however has a lot more working parts then many people realize. Every day the sales team will strategize about where to place items in order for them to catch a consumer’s eye. There are often impulse buys proudly displayed near the register. These are easy to grab items that the customer may not have considered purchasing before they were waiting in line to cash out. In addition to the impulse buys and the orderly store the staff is often arranging merchandise and moving old product to clearance and bringing new products out. The constant price marking becomes a daily task for all retail store employees. The back management will have to work on the book keeping and making sure all credit card transactions and cash payments match what the daily batch out will record. Many businesses will also offer a Retail Business Loan Program Training.

Many merchandisers feature store credit cards. Large retailers will often offer customers a percentage off of their purchase if they apply for a credit card that day. The cashier must be able to fully understand how to fill out a loan or credit application. The customer may not always understand the questions on the form or they may have a difficult time reading the fine print. This becomes the responsibility of the sales associate and cashier to help the customer with their form. Once the application has been filled out the cashier will then input the information into the computer system. Some stores require a store manager to be present when the cashier is entering in this private information. Other stores have security cameras that are watching the cashiers every key stroke.

In some situations, the customer may have questions for the cashier or sales associate about the credit application they just filled out. Some of the most common questions include:

  • Are there monthly fees?
  • What is the interest rate?
  • How much will I get approved for?
  • Are there any perks to having this card?

The sales associate and cashier should be able to answer all of these questions easily. The training that they received from their management will help them with these basic customer questions. In many cases the interest rate will strongly depend on the applicant’s personal credit score. The card maximum balance may also rely on the applicant’s credit. The clerk should be able to tell the customer of any promotions or perks they will receive for obtaining a store credit card.

Many stores offer private store credit cards for their loyal customers. This is a great way to earn points and promotions for staying loyal to a particular store. Stores can approve or reject a customer for their credit card on the spot and often a customer can make their first charge within minutes of applying for their card.